About ProMaths

Pro-Maths has been offering extra tuition to learners in Alberton and surrounds since 1996. The success of the business lies in the methodology and individualized teaching system. The Pro-Maths DVD, “Weapons of Maths Instruction” is a culmination of the years of experience of preparing learners for their Grade 12 Maths exams.

Mission Statement

Pro-Maths gives individualised tuition after school to students in various subjects particularly maths and sciences but not limited to these. We work hand-in-hand with the school’s curriculum and add to what the schoolteacher has already taught. We assist learners in the best way possible by providing up-to-date teaching methods and resources. Only experts in their fields are employed to offer the best service and tuition to the learners. Pro-Maths also offers individualised tuition to learners on a home-school curriculum.

Vision Statement

Pro-Maths will help students by offering extra tuition in various subjects usually after school hours. Students on a home-school curriculum can be accommodated. We will find the best way possible of explaining difficult concepts. We will explain the concept until the student understands. We will constantly re-enforce what the teacher has taught. We will assist learners with exam preparation. We will source the best possible resources and textbooks for use in our lessons. We will constantly keep up-to-date with the Department of Education’s National Curriculum Statements in order to offer the latest in teaching methods and curriculum. Pro-Maths believes that the student comes first.