What is the NBT?Pro-Maths-cover-2nd-sm

NBT stands for National Benchmark Test and forms part of South African universities entrance requirements. Each university and each faculty have different requirements so it's important that you check when and if you need to write. Many faculties will consider the Grade 12 final results as well as the NBT results when doing placements. Considering that the NBT Maths test is quite difficult it is vital to prepare properly.

You will write 2 Multiple Choice tests on the day:

  1. The AQL (Academic and Quantitative Literacy) consists of 5 portions of language tests and 2 portions of maths literacy tests. NO CALCULATORS are allowed! Make sure you practice enough long multiplication and division, fractions, percentages and ratios.
  2. The MAT (Mathematics) covers all maths from Grade 9-12 as well as various problem solving questions. The test is more difficult than a matric final exam and the questions are asked differently.

Guidelines for preparing to write your NBT

  • Book the date online.
  • Allow yourself enough time to prepare properly.
  • Work through the ProMaths DVD and Student Manual very well to complete the entire syllabus.
  • Make sure you properly practice ALL the exercises VERY well! You have to practice more than you would for your matric final exams.
  • Alternatively, you can attend extra lessons at ProMaths in Alberton.
  • Practice as much as possible without using a calculator.
  • Complete the ProMaths NBT Practice Manual or book to attend a ProMaths NBT Workshop to see if you are ready to write.

ProMaths NBT Preparation Workshops

The ProMaths NBT Preparation Workshops comprise of three different workshops. Students may choose to do all or just one or two:

ProMaths AQL Preparation Workshop

It covers the basics of maths without a calculator, PLUS essential NBT specific questions in Mathematical Literacy, including word problems and timed tests. It also covers the English component of the NBT. NB! Students must have studied Maths or Maths Literacy and English on a Grade 12 level prior to attending this workshop.


  • 16 June
  • 27 June

Time: 09h00-14h00

Cost: R800 including the manual

ProMaths Revision Workshop

The NBT Mat component assumes that the syllabus has been completed even when students write midway through the year. This workshop assists the student with completion of the Grd 12 syllabus and revision of trigonometry, transformations, analytical geometry, sequences and series, calculus. Students need a good knowledge of Grd 11 maths at this workshop.


  • 13 June

Time: 09h00-14h00

Cost: R800 each

ProMaths NBT Maths Preparation Workshop

It covers essential NBT specific questions in calculus, functions, trig, logs, sequences and series, financial maths, analytical geometry and word problems. Timed tests are given in the various sections which help students to ascertain their weak areas. NB! It is assumed that all learning of the above has taken place. Students must have studied ALL sections on a Grade 12 level prior to attending this workshop.


  • 14 June
  • 28 June

Time: 09h00-15h00

Cost: R980 each

Special!! Book for a Maths Revision Workshop and an NBT Prep Workshop and pay R1680 for both!

How to book:

Email the completed booking form and proof of payment to sheryl@promaths.co.za. Contact Sheryl on 082 925 2991 for further information.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Bookings for these Workshops are now open and limited space is available.
  • 50% deposit secures your child’s place, balance is payable on the day.
  • Cancellations will not be accepted and you will still be liable for the full amount unless made 7 days prior.
  • Students to bring packed lunch and refreshments for themselves
  • Workshops do not form part of the regular Pro-Maths monthly lessons and as such no payment and/or lessons can be exchanged for such.  All monthly lessons for existing Pro-Maths’ students will still be done.
  • Pro-Maths and staff will not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature that could occur.

Bank details:

Acc. Name: Pro-Maths
Bank: Absa
Branch: Alberton 631142
Acc.No: 40-5140-8758


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